Zanetta and Kitty Town Coffee have been in the media, and there’s more to come!

Zanetta is passionate about business and helping women succeed both in business and in meeting personal goals. If you’d like to have her on your podcast, blog, in an article, or speak at an event, shoot her an email!

Don’t Keep Your Day Job
It was such an honor to be interviewed in this podcast! This podcast by Cathy Heller was so important for giving Zanetta the confidence to get Kitty Town Coffee off the ground.

Lebanon Daily News
Our own local newspaper wrote a very kind article about us! Thank you to the community of Lebanon for all of your support!

Listen to Her Podcast
As a young female entrepreneur, Zanetta is passionate about encouraging women reach their potential. Listen to Her is all about putting a positive and uplifting female perspective out into the world. In this episode, Zanetta opens up about her own personal journey to learn to trust herself to start Kitty Town Coffee.